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Welcome to the new webpage of the St. Ulrichs Choir of Pinswang, Austria…otherwise known as Der Ulrichschor.

For those who have lived in or traveled throughout Austria, you will know that this beautiful country indeed lives up to its reputation as a ‘Land of Music’. As such, Austria is really a ‘Land of Musicians’. In almost every household where families have for many generations, lived and breathed Austria’s rich western cultural and religious heritage, there is sweet music in the air. Families still make music together, with many a son, daughter, father and mother members of the local Musikkapelle (village band), Blaser (horn) ensemble and/or folk music group.

Austria is also defined by its tapestry of vocal music, from the simplest folk song to polychoral classical masterworks. Choral organizations abound; one can discover vocal quartets, chamber choirs, church choirs as well as large concert choirs. The Tirol can boast a host of splendid choirs. One of these, the St. Ulrichschor, can be found in the village of Pinswang (For more about Pinswang and environs, please visit the following links:

The Patron Saint’s name for the choir comes from the Church of St. Ulrich, Pinswang’s beautiful 18th century village church. The Ulrichskirche has its own choir very ably directed by Sieghard Haller.  They sing at Mass, their repertoire consisting of music from European sacred tradition. The Ulrichschor, on the other hand, was created in order to present both sacred and secular (Geitliche und Weltliche) music in various venues.

The Ulrichschor was founded in 1988 by Franz Walcher and its current Director, Josef Pressl. Together they built the choir into a formidable ensemble of gifted musicians from Pinswang as well as nearby villages. Maestro Pressl assumed sole leadership of the choir in 1992

Today, a member of the Tiroler Saengerbund,  this splendid ensemble of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass musicians give of their time and talents with a busy schedule of rehearsals and performances. Ably organized and coordinated by their Obfrau, Gertrud Horndacher, the choir specializes in performances of traditional folk tunes from many parts of Austria. With great vocal dexterity and finesse, the choir can switch dialect from ‘Tirolese’ to ‘Salzburgerisch’ in moments, and then back to High German to sing a classical work of Schuetz, Mozart or Mendelssohn.

The choir can also be heard at the Ulrichskirche or, on occasion, at other local churches singing Masses on feast days. Bi-annual concerts in Pinswang as well as tours to other European cities highlight their singing year.


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